Our Founding Story

Stratos CBD originated from consumer needs. In the earlier days of CBD, potential CBD users had many questions and few consumption options. 

When the Stratos founder, Jason Neely came across the issues of varying potency and limited delivery mechanisms for CBD oil, he thought “I think I can fix that.” With his 20 years of pharmaceutical formulation experience, he went to work creating a CBD oil delivery method that could help more people. 

Jason originally entered the pharmaceutical industry with a deep desire to help people. While he was a teenager, he watched his grandmother go through a series of cancer treatments. At that point, he decided to enter college on a pre-med track with the intention of becoming a doctor and helping people, like his grandmother, suffer less. While studying for his undergraduate degree, he took an internship learning about pharmaceutical formulation. He turned out to be a strong scientist and determined he could help more people if he was making great medicine versus seeing patients one on one. 

This formulation experience translated beautifully into the CBD space. Raw materials derived from botanical sources can be difficult to work with as each batch is reliably different. Jason reviewed available options and decided on a CBD tablet, which offers more reliable absorption, a cleaner delivery than CBD tinctures and candies, and malleability for botanicals. Hence, the Stratos CBD tablets were born. 

As we continue to grow, we look at developing new CBD delivery mechanisms and improving existing products. With our tincture, we worked to create a product which is more homogeneous and accurate than other products on the market. 

Jason’s business philosophy is “Invest in People”. To live into this, he hired scientists, operators, marketers, and sales people to bring the Stratos vision to life. Our mission is to Help People and we go to great lengths to do so.