500 CBD Isolate Tincture


Stratos started developing revolutionary CBD products in 2014. We aim to make the highest quality, reliable products for people choosing holistic wellness options.

For our tinctures, we knew we needed to focus on homogeneity and consistency. When our team began their market research, they found many of the products currently on the market suffer from ‘hot spots’. A ‘hot spot’ happens when the CBD and the carrier substance are not bound properly causing inconsistencies from dropperful to dropperful. This result is due to the different densities between the CBD molecules and the molecules of the carrier oils.

To avoid this in the Stratos tinctures, we use proprietary mixing and formulation technology to ensure the particles bind together evenly and remain that way.

Our Isolate tinctures contain high quality CBD extracted via CO2 extraction. The hemp oil then undergoes a process to remove the remaining plant anatomy. This creates a pure CBD product with zero THC. The raw materials grow organically in the sunshine of Boulder County, Colorado and make their way into a tincture at our facility in Pueblo West, Colorado.

To ensure we offer safe products, we test for residual solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial growth. We verify this by utilizing both internal and third-party testing labs. If you are interested in seeing a Certificate of Analysis, please send us a note at info@stratoscbd.com

For the best results, we recommend dropping your desired dose under your tongue and allowing it to remain there for 15-30seconds. If you’d like, you can add your dose to your favorite beverage instead.

The Stratos 500 Isolate tincture contains 50 doses. One dropperful constitutes a dose and each dose contains 10mg of CBD. For people new to CBD consumption, we recommend starting low and going slow. Generally, 10mg makes a solid started dose. For those interested in a more concentrated dose, the 1000 Isolate tincture offers 25mg per dropperful.

Our tinctures are sugar free, gluten free, vegan, and paraben free. Stratos CBD tinctures contain a mere three ingredients: CBD isolate from hemp, MCT oil, and peppermint flavor. The only active ingredient is CBD. We selected a high quality MCT oil as the carrier due to its binding capabilities with the CBD. This aids with even absorption. The tinctures do not contain alcohol and are not tested on animals.

Additional reasons to choose the Stratos CBD tincture:

      • FAST UPTAKE – Sublingual delivery method allows for a rapid uptake. People generally start to feel this product in a matter of minutes.
      • CONSISTENT – The mixing process and formulation technology used on the Stratos tincture addresses the variable densities between cannabis oil and MCT oil. Our mixing technology homogeneously combines the two oils to eliminate dosing inconsistencies.
      • EASY ABSORPTION – For customers who have trouble absorbing CBD through their digestive track, tincture administered sublingually can be a great option.
      • CONVENIENT – The Stratos tincture can be a convenient dosing option for your medicine cabinet or on your bedside table.
      • DELIGHTFUL TASTE – Light, bright Mint flavor makes consuming full spectrum CO2 oil and isolate products enjoyable
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