At Stratos, our mission is to Help People.

Since our founding, we’ve aimed to achieve that by creating the highest quality CBD products on the market. This has been our mission since 2014. Stratos started in Colorado creating cannabis and hemp products which disrupted the market as people knew it. With the introduction of Stratos, people could consume CBD oil in a trusted medicinal form: a pressed tablet. 

When we talk about quality, we’re referencing product creation to growing to the final products. We source our raw hemp materials from plants grown in Boulder County, Colorado. Only plants which are grown with best in class agricultural practices make the cut for Stratos products. Our excipients come from pharmaceutical suppliers to ensure an end product which is clean, accurate, and consistent. The Stratos production team utilizes both internal and external testing resources to confirm the products contain the amount of CBD oil we promise and ensure they’re free of heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and microbial growth.

Our team has deep experience in the pharmaceutical industry. With that experience, they’re able to craft some of the cleanest, most accurate CBD oil products available today. Of equal importance, they’re able to design delivery mechanisms which allow for a fast, efficient way for CBD to enter your bloodstream and get to work. Stratos tablets dissolve immediately upon swallowing. This disperses the CBD oil into small particles, which are easy for the human body to absorb. For this reason, most people start to feel Stratos CBD more quickly than through alternative ingestible delivery mechanisms. 

Pharmaceutical mixing and formulation technologies are employed to ensure our tinctures blend homogeneously and remain that way during their shelf life. 

Stratos products start as healthy, vibrant hemp plants. Once harvested, the extraction process begins. CBD and other cannabinoids originate in the flowers of the hemp plant. To separate the oils from the biomass, the plant matter is run through a CO2 extractor. The team then combines the CBD oil with our proprietary excipient mixture and uses a high pressure tablet press to ‘punch’ the powder into a tablet. To maintain consistency, testing and adjustment markers exist throughout the production process. Finally, the products enter packaging, receive a vacuum seal, and start their journey to you.

We’re proud to offer CBD options which are gluten-free friendly, vegan-friendly, and sugar-free. Choosing sugar-free CBD products is particularly important to preserve the strong anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. Stratos tablets and tinctures also provide a very convenient way to dose your CBD oil. Unlike capsules, Stratos tablets won’t melt or leak. 

The Stratos facility and manufacturing process have been certified by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and registered with the FDA.

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Looking for the test results for the batch of CBD you purchased? Please send the batch number located on the bottom of the bottle to info@stratoscbd.com

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