About Stratos CBD

Our mission is to help people live their healthiest lives.

Our founding team is ex-pharma, and they left when they felt the industry wasn’t looking out for the people it was built to serve. Knowing they couldn’t change the pharmaceutical industry, they focused their energy where they could make a difference: cannabis. Moved by the inspiring stories of people who found relief and promise in cannabis and CBD as a wellness solution, they wanted to ensure people could purchase high-quality products that had the same consistent dosing and tried and true standards you’ll find on pharmacy shelves.

Since 2014, we have worked to offer the highest quality cannabis and CBD products on the market. Over the years, we’ve been moved to tears too many times to count when our customers reach out with stories of how their health and lives have changed since using Stratos. There is nothing more motivating and gratifying than to give your all to help people and then witness the fruits of your labor benefiting lives each and every day. Our customers are the reason we get out of bed every day. YOU are the “why” behind what we do.

You have our pledge for pure, safe, high-quality products you can trust. For all of our products, we promise the following:

  • A Certificate of Analysis with every purchase that outlines dosing and test results for your product.
  • Hemp sourced locally from plants grown in Colorado.
  • Best-in-class agricultural practices that are Non-GMO.
  • Carbon dioxide extraction, one of the cleanest extraction methods available. It’s not the cheapest or the fastest option, but you’ll never find solvents or pollutants in our products.
  • High-quality inactive ingredients that come from pharmaceutical suppliers.
  • 3rd party tested products that are free of heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and microbial growth.
  • Pharmaceutical formulation techniques to ensure accurate and reliable dosing.
  • Products that are scientifically designed to get to work in your body quickly.
  • Product options that are gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free and smoke-free.
  • A facility and manufacturing process certified by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and registered with the FDA.