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You can have confidence Stratos products have been tested!

We utilize internal and third party labs to ensure our products are free of heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and microbial growth.

Testing also confirms the CBD content of the products matches the amount listed on the label.

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Since you’re here, we guess you’ve heard the rage about CBD oil and CBD products. We’re happy to report we believe in the tangible benefits behind the recent hype of the CBD craze.

Stratos started making CBD products in 2014. Our reason for being in the CBD business stems from the desire to create the best available delivery methods for this incredible compound.

Many of the consumable products on the market consist of CBD oil haphazardly mixed with a carrier oil to make a tincture or mixed into a food substance to make a CBD candy. At Stratos, we take more into consideration that ‘how fast can we create a sellable product?’

Our product and development team are experienced scientists who cut their teeth in the pharmaceutical industry.

We think about core issues like how quickly the human body can break down oily substances to absorb them. Turns out, the human body lacks an efficient mechanism for quickly and efficiently breaking down oil to absorb it. This sparked our first product, the tablet. With the CBD oil bound to a quickly dissolving excipient, the oil rapidly disseminates for easy absorption into the bloodstream.

With products which appear simple, like a carrier oil based tincture. Our team asks questions ‘How does the density of the carrier oil compare to the density of the CBD oil?’ ‘How well and how long can these oils remain homogeneously mixed?’ Armed with the scientific basics, they then strategize products to deliver CBD efficiently and quickly. This helps our customers with their ailments while saving them time and money!

On our site, you’ll find a variety of full spectrum products, which include the complete plant anatomy, as well as isolate products, which are THC free.

If you are new to CBD products, we recommend starting with a lower dose option such as the 10mg tablets. In the event, you’re familiar with CBD and know a dose higher than 10mg provides what you need, check out the 25mg tablets.

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Please feel free to reach out to us if we can help with any questions on your Stratos CBD discovery. We appreciate your visit!