Product Testing

Curious what’s in your CBD product? Good, you should be! 

All reputable CBD companies will and should always offer a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which are test results for the specific product you are purchasing. Think of a COA as the ultimate display of transparency from a company to a customer. We include a COA with each product purchased.

Reviewing a COA will give you confidence that you’re actually getting what you paid for, it confirms the product is legal (less than 0.3% THC) and you’ll learn valuable info you can share with others (knowledge is power!)

What you’ll learn in our COA:

  • The potency and quantity of several different cannabinoids such as CBD and THC in your product
  • Whether or not the CBD content is within +/- 10% of the label as is customary in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Confirmation that the product falls within the legal limit of 0.3% or less THC
  • Confirmation that there aren’t harmful levels of residual solvents such as propane, acetone or ethanol in your product 
  • Confirmation that there is no microbial growth, such as mold or salmonella, in your product

Curious? Check out a COA for one of our products and you can always request a COA by emailing:

Before our products are sent off to a third party lab for final testing and COA results, they are also tested in-house during the manufacturing process:

  • Hemp is tested prior to being extracted
  • Extracted hemp product is tested
  • Intermediate product blend is tested
  • Final product is tested before going to a third party lab

Yes – our Colorado grown hemp spends a lot of time in labs. But creating the highest quality products on the market is our goal, and you’re worth it.