Stratos Products Approved by Realm of Caring

We are proud to announce that all of Stratos’ cannabis and CBD products have been approved by Realm of Caring.

Realm of Caring’s endorsement offers a way to identify the highest-quality products and manufacturers in the marketplace.

We have been supporters of Realm of Caring for a long time, and we hope you will join us by accessing their free support services and joining their Observational Research Registry with Johns Hopkins University.

Who is the Realm of Caring?
Realm of Caring Foundation (RoC) is a small non-profit 501(c)3 with a global impact. They specialize in conducting innovative cannabinoid research and base education for individuals, practitioners and the community on their findings and collective data. How does RoC choose products to support? To be RoC approved, companies have to pass stringent guidelines demonstrating where that product has been from seed to delivery. This involves a stringent quality standards checklist and personal visits from Realm of Caring staff to ensure all requirements are up-to-standard and maintained. Are products tested for molds, heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful substances? Do they conduct independent lab testing? If so, how often? RoC personally visits cultivation centers and labs to make sure that standards are being upheld. When the leading number of clients served come from a medically fragile population, RoC has to maintain impeccable guidelines to make sure clients are getting exactly what is on the label. 


RoC is excited to announce Stratos as the newest product line to have met their rigorous standards. RoC now serves Stratos’ clients with administration guidelines, a research library, and many more complementary services.

Why is RoC special? They are special because — they care! In an industry in which “for-profit” companies find their hands tied due to legal issues that impede them from making claims or giving “advice,” information is hard to come by. The RoC makes it their mission to fill in the gap and guide clients on their journey with cannabinoid therapy. 

Why do they care?

They care because they know firsthand. RoC was founded by two mothers of children with catastrophic forms of epilepsy, Heather Jackson and Paige Figi, who were desperate and willing to do anything to save their children’s lives. 

Heather often says, “I wish it could have been echinacea or dandelion root; they have a lot less baggage, but it wasn’t, it was cannabis.” 

The moms could have stopped after helping their children, but they did not. They were bombarded with calls from all over the world after a CNN special with Sanjay Gupta called “Weed” aired. Operating from their kitchen tables at the time with a group of volunteers they decided to become official in 2013 when they filed for their 501(c)3 and opened the doors as Realm of Caring Foundation known in the community as RoC. This was the beginning of a great movement in which we are immersed in today. 

What’s changed?

A lot! At that time RoC provided many resources to medical refugees relocating to a legal state. As the legal climate has changed, RoC’s Care Team guides clients with product selection, administration methods, and questions. Care Specialists also help clients navigate through legal ambiguities while illuminating a path to wellness. 

Information and resources are complementary with an online registration which is based on years of collective data and research with five major universities including Johns Hopkins. 

How can I get involved in the research?

First, thank you for your interest! By participating, you can help others through your experience and shed light on cannabis therapies. By simply completing a monthly survey you will be doing a great service to the global community.

To participate in RoC’s Observational Research Registry with Johns Hopkins University, first register as a client with RoC on their website. Within your client portal, you’ll see a research portal. Get started and receive your research ID and link to complete your first survey. Cannabis and non-cannabis users are encouraged to participate. The portal will ask details about which products you are using (or not using). For eligible applicants, discounted or free cannabinoid products may be available.

Why RoC? 

Because quality of life Matters: The Realm of Caring stands true in believing that everyone deserves the best quality of life possible. 

For more information or to contact a Care Team member, please call 719-347-5400 Option 1 or email