5 Easy Ways to Get Healthy in 2021

What a year?! 

2020 redefined the phrase dumpster fire, and we are all carrying around the effects of that extra stress, anxiety and worry. But with each year comes new hope, and we can all agree that it’s looking like better times ahead.

With 2021 officially here, we’d like to share how we plan to up our health game this year.


How Much CBD Should I Take? Answers from a Trusted Industry Pro.

You’ve just purchased CBD and are ready to give it a try. But the big question remains: how much do you take? The answer to this question can be a complicated one. 


What type of CBD product is best for you?

When it comes to CBD-infused product options, there are an endless array of CBD oils, tinctures, infused salves, creams, lotions and more. You can buy them online, at specialty product stores, or even at a gas station, grocery store or mall kiosk. And if you’re new to CBD, there is another factor to consider – the option of CBD Isolate or Full Spectrum. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Many people don’t know where to start!


Holiday Gifts: Our Top 3 CBD Bestsellers

It’s the giving time of year, and if you’ve experienced the benefits of incorporating CBD into your wellness routine, you may be considering it as a gift to a friend or loved one. 

With so many options to choose from, where to start? We’ve compiled our top three CBD bestsellers for you to consider. 


Stratos is Realm of Caring Approved

Stratos is one of a select group of products in the world that meets Real of Caring’s strict quality guidelines.


Stratos Products Approved by Realm of Caring

We are proud to announce that all of Stratos’ cannabis and CBD products have been approved by Realm of Caring.

Realm of Caring’s endorsement offers a way to identify the highest-quality products and manufacturers in the marketplace.

We have been supporters of Realm of Caring for a long time, and we hope you will join us by accessing their free support services and joining their Observational Research Registry with Johns Hopkins University.


Massage Tips and Info on CBD and Cannabis Salves

We spoke with Katie Uveges, a licensed massage therapist who recently led our CBD Partners Massage 101 in Denver, to find out everything we should know about massage and CBD. We discussed CBD and cannabis topicals, how to incorporate them into a massage,  a few basic massage techniques, and any tips she has to offer those looking to relax through massage.